Wrinkle Treatment

How Does it Work?


The toxin blocks the transmition of chemical messages from the nerve to the muscle so that the muscle stays in a resting state for a period of 8 to 12 weeks on average.


This may be only a partial reduction in movement  allowing  some remaining movement or a full block in which case there is very little remaining muscular movement in the area – this very much depends on the amount administered and location of product placement –treatment may  be tailored to suit your individual requirements. Your expected treatment outcomes and whether they can be achieved will be discussed at the time of consultation.


Used to Treat


The aim of the licensed treatment is to significantly reduce the movement of the muscles causing expression lines (dynamic lines) specifically the frown and crow’s feet and worry lines on the brow may also be treated as an ‘off label indication.  Successful treatment may not cause the expression lines themselves to disappear completely.  It may not ‘completely freeze’ the expression, particularly if extreme effort is exerted to make an expression.


Botulinum toxin is not suitable for lines present without expression (static lines), your practitioner will advise you.


Advanced and off-label indications include; horizontal brow lines, lip lines, chin ‘poppling’, muscles on the lower face and neck, to lift the mouth corners, improve the jaw line and the appearance of the neck. The ‘chewing muscle’ may also be treated to soften a square jaw or to prevent teeth grinding or jaw clenching at night.

At the Old Forge House we treat 3 main areas of the face:

- Crows feet

- Frown lines (the wrinkles between your eyebrows)

- Forehead Lines

The price of treatment starts at £180 and varies based on number of injections.

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