Teeth Whitening


Yellow teeth


White teeth

Here at Old Forge House, we have adopted Phillips products to use for our patients teeth whitening. Above you can see the results of a patient's freshly whitened teeth after just one sitting! 

The formula used is completely exclusive to Phillips as they have a unique ACP formula which helps with sensitivity control as well as enamel protection.


So you wont have to worry about sensitive teeth or a dull shine, the ACP formula will ensure you have a stronger, brighter and whiter smile.

"7 shades whiter after just one sitting!"

Even better, this is all done within one hour. Our patient was amazed at the results as you can really see a difference from her before and after. She left the practice showing off her new smile.


Yellow Teeth


White teeth

Here is another great example of the Philips ZOOM Whitening. We have truly been amazed by this product and we will continue to be amazed with its results. In just one hour, the yellow-red tones have vanished and have been replaced with white, sparkly teeth. 

Our patient was over the moon with her new smile and left with her free take home kit too! "They feel so smooth and lovely, I'm very happy!" This was just a snippet of what our patient had to say, no one wants to have a textured feel to their teeth after they have had them whitened. 

We are happy and proud to provide this service to everyone who wishes to have their teeth whiter. If you would like to know more about Philips Zoom whitening call now on 01332 512 222

Now, if you do feel sceptical about the process and whether it will make a difference to your teeth. Our patient was delighted with her results, here is what she had to say:

"The results are amazing, I feel like I've got veneers now compared to my teeth before. I have never tried teeth whitening before and I'm so glad my first time is with this product. The part that sealed the deal for me is the fact that it's so quick, and my teeth don't feel sensitive what-so-ever. I also expected a 'furry' and textured feeling on my teeth after. But they're so smooth, shiny and bright. I'm amazed, I don't think any other product could top this one."

It is always important to remember that teeth whitening is a procedure that can only be done legally by dental professionals. As said by the General Dental Council,  it is illegal for anyone else other than dentists to perform teeth whitening.  

Please watch this video for more information: